A. J West – 6’9 Power Forward
University of Nevada Graduate  . PRO Basketball Player

“CJEOTO Academy gets it done, best Post Grad program around. Big up to Coach Ian Turnbull.”



Lance Rivera Jr – 6’4 Guard
Highlands College

“The part that impressed me the most about sending my son Lance Rivera Jr to Coach Ian’s Coastal/CJEOTO program was that he not only helped in my son achieving his life long dream of going to college on a basketball scholarship but he also helped him o from having poor SAT scores to making the Honor Roll throughout his college career. Along the way helping to mold my son into the man that he is becoming. Salute Ian and the Coastal/CJEOTO family and all of the new future alumni.”
Lance “Un” Rivera . Parent



Kadeem Jack – 6’9 Forward
Rutgers University Graduate.  PRO Basketball Player 

Coach Ian welcomed me with open arms and gave me an opportunity to attend CJEOTO Academy and to this day I am thankful for that. While at the house he made sure to instill different values into each and everyone of us.. With each kid there was different things he had to tackle and in my opinion he handled it tremendously. From making sure some kids learned how to cook to even teaching others about hygiene with their physical appearance and their living quarters. He also lived with us and was able to overseethe change that was going on. Because of my stay at CJEOTO I was able to transition into my life as a college athlete much easier than expected.



Aaron Bodie – 6’7 Forward 
Niagara University 

“The year that my son Aaron attended Coach Ian’s Academy we had a great experience. He trained like a champion and traveled to play some of the nations most elite Prep Schools. They wee also invited to play in some of the nations most elite Prep Tournaments. We left with a scholarship and an understanding of expectations on the next level. Thanks for everything Coach Ian Turnbull”
Jamar Cherry. Parent



Ashwell Boyd – 6’4 Wing Guard
Delaware State Univeristy

“CJEOTO Academy is a tough program. It will test your love for the game, but it will reward you if you work hard and do what you have to do.”



Eric Sandoval, Jr – 6’7 Wing Forward
Georgetown College

“I had my son Eric Sandoval Jr attend Coastal/CJEOTO there is where he grew to become a young adult and took responsibilities. He learned to improve his basketball I.Q of the game. He grew stronger and smarter and now can compete in any level of the game due to attending there at the academy. Coach Ian got my son ready mentally and physically. I highly recommend this academy to all young HS ballers who are looking to get to the next level and compete. He will get you there if you are ready for the challenge he provides. Coach Ian is a parent first coach second.”
Eric Sandoval, Sr Parent



Mario Zimardis 6’6 Wing Forward
Lamar College

“I think that Coastal Academy is a great program for Student Athletes to develop. It will be very challenging for all athletes both mentally and physically which will make them come to the point where they want to quit. However, me personally being at Coastal made mentally tougher and a better player. It will be very very hard but it will be worth it, at the end.”



Chris Lewis – 6’1 Point Guard
Delaware State University

“Thanks to Coach Ian , our son was given a chance to do what he loves to do (play basketball) and do it for free (Full Scholarship) !! He gave him the confidence that he needed to play Division 1 basketball and helped him get the SAT score he needed to get the scholarship.”
Chris and Tracey Lewis. Parents



Markos Psimitis – 6’4 Guard
Harris Stowe University

“Coastal Academy was a great experience for me. It is a place where a player can definitely reach his full potential. It is a place where you get to play against the best upcoming players and test your abilities. Coach Ian will push you to your limits in order to become a better player and a person. He will be your basketball coach but also your life coach as well. Coastal is also a great place for International students. I personally went through the transition from European to American style basketball and I feel fortunate that I was there. If you work hard enough and maintain your focus Coastal is the perfect place for any student athlete.”




Alex Abreu – 5’11 – Point Guard
University of Akron  Graduate.  PRO Basketball Player 

“It’s not going to be easy, Coach Ian is going to push you and it’s a long road but in the end it’s all worth it. No matter what people say if you believe in what you can do there is nobody that can stop you from making it.. Trust me I went through it and now I am in the best situation in my life.”



Mike Celestin – 6’0 – Point Guard
Southern University

“CJEOTO was essential in my development into a Division 1 basketball player. Coach Ian Turnbull not only provided me with great coaching instruction but was an excellent mentor and motivator.”



Taylor Plummer
Felician College

“CJEOTO was an experience like no other. It taught you not only basketball but how to be a man. The experiences we shared with each other will never be forgotten. We were more like family than a team.”



Travis Flagg
Post University

“My time at Coastal was an eye opener. It made me a better basketball player and a better person. My time there I started to grow to learn to handle my buisness on the court and off the court.”



Timothy Massado
Felician College

“I was an active member of CJEOTO Academy now known as Coastal Academy in 2013. While yes, the experience was tough and involved an extreme amount of focos and determination the experience has changed my life for ever. Thanks to Coach Ian Turnbull and his program I am now on a full athletic scholarship at Felician College. Prior to coming to CJEOTO I had no offers and no place to go. Thanks to Coach Ian I am doing well at my school and I am an First Team All Academic in m conference and in the country. I thank Coach Ian for giving me the opportunity to better myself and he honestly changed my life in ways that I could never fully thank him.”



Karon Waller – 6’4 Guard
Binghamton University  Graduate 

“Coach Ian wants to get all his players into school. He is tough on his players but only to make you better. He wants to bring out the best in you.”



Kevin Little – 6’0 Point Guard
Colorado State University 

“During my time @ Coastal Academy I became a better person on and off the court. I created a relationship with a group of guys I will remember forever. Coach Ian turns boys into men. Without Coach Ian and Coastal Academy I wouldn’t be where I’m at today. Coach Ian supported and believed in me when no one else did.”



Kievyn Lila St Rose – 6’6 Wing Guard
Norfolk State University Graduate

“By being part of CJEOTO and being really “coached” by Coach Ian simply made my game better. He won’t quit, and you will be mentally and physically ready to play this game”



Jamel Fuentes – 6’4 Point Guard
Norfolk State University Graduate.  PRO Basketball Player. 

“Coach Ian helped me grow not only as a basketball player but also as a man. Through his lessons I got a chance to build my character and be better prepared for adulthood. For that I am very appreciative”



Ian Chiles – 7’2 Center
Morgan State University Graduate. PRO Basketball Player

“Coach Ian really helped me develop my game. He also helped me get into college. He kept his word from Day 1”



Adam Young – 6’8 Wing Forward
California State College – Bakersfield Graduate

“Coach is someone that cares for his players”



Sabatino Chen – 6’4 Point Guard
University of Colorado Graduate. PRO Basketball Player

“I was sent to the East Coast to train and play with Coach Ian so that I could learn the uptempo style that is played at the D 1 level. It was while training and traveling with his CJEOTO program that I was offered my scholarship. Thanks Coach Ian.”



Stanley Elliot – 6’3 Guard
Bethune Cookman University Graduate

“Coach Ian is the most knowledgeable Coach I have played for”



Jason Dawson – 6’1 Point Guard
Susquehanna University Graduate

“Coach Ian brings out the best in you as a basketball player. When it comes to the game he keeps it real”



Marcus Porter – 6’5 Wing Forward
American International University Graduate

“Coach Ian is going to push you hard because he wants you to be successful. Pay attention to the message not the way he delivers it”




Kyle Thomas – 6’6 Wing Forward
Morgan State University

“CJEOTO helped me learn the importance of discipline in basketball. The coaching staff pushed me everyday to bring out the best in me, and I had to bring the same effort everyday.

Coach Turnbull coached me on the mental aspect of the game too. It was a moment during the season when my body seemed to hit a wall and I thought I had nothing else to give. Coach Turnbull helped motivate me to realize that those are moments where you have to give that extra effort in order to be successful. CJEOTO prepared and disciplined me for the high intensity level of college basketball.”



Mortimer Berchie – 6’1 Point Guard
West Virginia Weslyan University

“My experience at CJEOTO Academy was quite an experience. I learned a lot from Coach Ian. He pushes you to your maximum potential and helps you develop mental toughness because he’s a Coach that demands a lot from his players. I enjoyed my experience there and it definitely has molded me into the basketball player I am today and the man I am today.”